• Secret clan's the clan of this wiki.And the founder/leader of it was skypowers (ME).HER character's a blue carcal/regular cat/any type of cat or animal.She's usually a caracal,black tip'd and black coated ears.Big eyes.Big white-ish blue-ish paws.A dark blue shade of pelt/fur.A little bit of (OPTIONAL) white on her face and black stripe (optional).Long sharp claws for running,fighting,and climbing and other uses.She has more then 14+ membs in her clan.One of her first warrior/kits betrayed her and she's now the leader of sunclan,She lied to sky about being a deputy of another clan but the same name.She has a kit,her names Sarabie.Her clan deputy and mate's redd for now.She broke up with another clan memb of sky,his or which turned out to be her's name was xxblack-blazexx,her betrayed traitor's all time mate's declan.Sky's clan's always secretive,watching everyone for new ideas,welcoming newcomers,and is usually hiding.Most of her clan's a bit lazy,but their enthusiam's one of the qualities sky likes about them.Their usually nice,but can be mean.
  • Secret clan's location,Secret clan's location is somewhere in the woods,but since not allowed to be told,here's what it looks like.
  1. Secret clans look:
  • Sky's rock:a high rock where the leader leaps up to make an announcement,rest,and to watch the clan.
  • A waterfall near the tents.
  • A bunch of tents which have NAMETAGS sometimes hanging near the roof point.
  • A lot of shading and bushy trees surrounding all around.
  • More then 100+ acres wide and far.
  • Near a river on the right side of the woods.
  • The woods are also surrounded by human city life.
  • Almost NEXT to thunder clan and other clans near by.
  • A den somewhere in the woods for another rank.
  • Another backup den site just in case for planning or any other clans attacking.

2.First members:(STBT = soon to be typed)